This Villanova Lacrosse Star’s Interests Will Impress You

Jon Urbana runs the Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Colorado. After a successful college career, he played several seasons in the world of professional lacrosse. Now, Jon Urbana lends his knowledge and training acumen to the cause of helping the athletes of tomorrow. This is not all Urbana does these days. Jon Urbana has scores of other interests he invests time with.

Very few people can boast of being a Villanova lacrosse player who almost took his team to the finals. Few people are licensed pilots. Jon Urbana is one of a very slim number of persons who can point to a professional career in sports and a pilot’s license. Actually, Urbana holds some of the highest credentials a pilot could have. No higher an authority than the FAA acknowledged Urbana’s incredible qualifications and accomplishments.

Jon Urbana also likes to record and post videos of his outdoors excursions. Some very nice nature videos have been captured by Urbana. He has been kind enough to share the videos. Anyone who checks out his Vimeo page can look over the videos. New additions to the profile are sure to be added in the near future.

For those who want to stay on top of what Jon Urbana is up to, his social media sites are good to follow. Urbana also does a lot more on his Tumblr page than just talk about himself. He frequently contributes to SlideShare and tweets about a lot of different things. Anyone interested in learning recent updates on the world, sports, and entertainment news will really like his Twitter page. The page is a great hub of information.

Jon Urbana Launched Earth Force A Beneficiary Of New GoFundMe Campaign

Photography is a hobby that Jon Urbana enjoys spending time on at Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Perhaps calling his photographic pursuits a mere hobby is unfair. The photos he takes really do have a stunning artistic edge to them. In truth, his official blog is a fantastic venue for tons of great photo artwork.

Fashion With The NFL

If you are a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan consider yourself in luck. They have changed up things a bit to really get you excited. Susan McGalla, the new director has launched a new website and a different look in fashion. McGalla say that she can’t predict how they will play but the fans already love the new gear. These new items, she says, can be found on their website which is very easy to navigate. There is also a charm with the Steelers logo, from Pandora. One would also find big designer names, such as Tommy Bahama, Nike Golf and wonderful hings from Victoria Secret. The young ladies has their choice of pink clothing, with additional yellow and metallic features to choose from. As McGalla puts it, you can dress it up or dress it down. She is sure there is something on the site for everyone. Before McGalla came to the Pittsburgh Steelers, she was an executive consultant. She was once a divisional buyer for women’s clothing with American Eagle Outfitters Inc, doing anything that would make the company run smoothly. All that hard worked paid off when she was appointed president and chief merchandising officer. McGalla according to was also chief executive of Wet Seal Inc. So with all this knowledge under her belt, she is undoubtedly the best fit for the team as director of Strategic Planning and Growth. McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. Her educational journey took her to Mount Union College, where she obtained a bachelor’s in business and marketing. She also sits on the College Board. She is so versed on the retail industry that it’s been said people from Wall Street go to her for advice. McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. This company pays attention to different brands, working closely with clients keeping them organized. She is married and has two children.

The Rise of Coriant

Coriant original started out as part of the Siemens Optical Networks company. The company rose as one of the divisions within the business and then, in 2013, split off into its own company. When the executives decided to take the company and split off from Siemens, they needed to find an executive who could run the business and give it clear direction for success. As the very first CEO of the company, it proved very important for the rest of the board to select someone with experience in not only technology, but in running a company in general. That is why the company decided to turn to Shaygan Kheradpir. With an exceptional background, he proved to be the right choice and has continued to push the business to the next level.

So what made Shaygan the right CEO at the right time? His experience really made him stand out against the other potential candidates for the position. First, he held a doctorates in electrical engineering. He also worked with some of the larger tech companies in the industry. He started up with GTE, when then merged with a Baby Bell company in order to create Verizon. As Verizon grew, the input Shaygan had in the company grew as well. He served as the head of multiple divisions and also worked on the creation of DVR and FiOS, the fiber optics serviced offered by Verizon. Eventually, he left and joined the board of directors for Barclays, which is one of the largest financial companies in the world.

With the combination of working in the tech field and in the financial industry, Coriant decided it wanted Shaygan to be their CEO. This complex and extensive resume proved he could handle all sorts of financial and technical issues. He continues to head the Coriant company, which is one of the top selling software and hardware companies for optical transmission of Backbone Network. As the company continues to grow, he has lead the organization to become one of the largest players in the industry and to continue its development of fiber optic technology within the tech industry.

Premium Dog Food Is Really On The Rise

Premium dog food might not be something a pet owner ever purchased before. Based on the huge increase in sales and popularity among, more and more canine lovers are on their way to becoming avid buyers. They are caught up in the firestorm of interest in premiums brands and not because they want to be part of a fad. Pet owners now know that high-end dog foods are loaded with vitamins and nutrients a pet does need. The Daily Herald published an eye-opening article about how premium dog food is manufactured. One aspect of the article is going to be pleasing to those who make premium dog food. The article points out sales are surging to incredible levels. Beneful, a pet food line made by the legendary Purina company, is one such interesting premium selection. Beneful offers up prepared meals that are loaded with very unique ingredients. A few could easily be called gourmet items. The Chopped Blends wet food made with chicken, carrots, wild rice, and tomatoes is a perfect example of gourmet food. In the Daily Herald article, insights are given into the very special way the ingredients are chosen. Only the finest ingredients make their way into the mix. Many ingredients are rejected by taste testers. Yes, manufacturers do employ taste testers to ensure a proper finished product. Beneful reflects a lot of effort to pick the right ingredients for the right dogs. For example, foods loaded with good carbohydrates and protein are geared towards younger and/or more active canines. At one time, premium foods were difficult to find and their segment of the nearly $24 billion-per-year pet food industry was minimal. Today, pet owners have become very much aware of the huge value in purchasing this type of dog food. As demand increase, do have distribution outlets. Premium brands are found in many retail stores that previously did not carry them. Since more volume is being sold on Amazon, prices are more affordable. That is another good thing. At this rate, premium dog food is only going to become more popular. The big winners here are the four-legged diners.

Former Villanova Player Has Varied Interests

Jon Urbana, a former lacrosse player (career stats), founded Next Level Lacrosse Camp. It is a summer camp for youth that want to excel in playing the game at the junior level. In 2016, the camp will be held in Vail. He is co-founder of a company called Ellipse USA. It is a company that makes medical devices for aesthetic IPL and laser solutions for varying conditions. Jon Urbana is a pilot and has been certified by the FAA. He is involved in many charitable endeavors (via Yahoo Answers).

Jon Urbana has a blog that expresses Jon’s diverse hobbies and interest in the world. He enjoy taking photos of outdoor scenes in Colorado and stylish food photos that equate to professional looking. When visiting his photo page you will see a variety of eye catching professional photos. Some of the photos are a fisherman on a scenic deserted beach, a photo of a sweet Hungarian dessert called somloi galuska, and several professional food photos.

His concern for the planet and the environment comes out in Bloomberg and many of his blog posts. One particular blog post called How you plan to spend your cash will shape our planets future addresses how consumers can learn about what companies are doing to improve the environment before doing business with them.

Jon enjoys shooting videos of sporting events and scenic spots. One of his videos is called the Stunning Mountain of Alaska. This video is taken from an airplane that he is flying. It is very scenic and breathtaking video of these mountains from the sky, and gives you a complete understanding as to why Jon is so passionate about Earth Force.

His blogs and Facebook profile (here) show an interest in food trends and news reflected in a recent blog about Chiptole making a comeback after closing restaurants nationwide because of food safety issues. Read some of his many interesting informative blog posts on food, sports, and politics at his medium blog, and all of the minutia in Jon’s life at Twitter.

Stephen Murray: founder and legend of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is a global private equity firm established on July 31, 2006. CCMP Capital specializes in buyout and growth equity investments in North America and Europe in four targeted industries. Within the consumer/retail industry, CCMP focuses on specialty retail, direct marketing, and consumer packaged goods. Within the industrial industry, CCMP makes investments in the manufacturing, chemicals, and automotive sectors. Within the healthcare infrastructure industry, CMPP focuses on services, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices sectors. Finally, for investments in the energy industry, the firm focuses on exploration and production, power generation, and renewable energy.

Over the span of a couple decades, Steve Murray CMP Capital took on several aliases before morphing into the strong business that it is today. CCMP was originally known as Chemical Venture Partners in 1984 and served as a private equity and venture capital branch of Chemical Bank. After Chemical Bank acquired Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996, Chemical Venture Partners changed its name to Chase Capital Partners. Following Chase’s acquisition of J.P Morgan & Co and formation of JPMorgan Chase, the company changed its name to JPMorgan Partners. Over this time, the organization grew through its integration of the private equity firms of Manufactures Hanover, Chase Manhattan, Hambrecht & Quist, Robert Fleming & Co., The Beacon Group and J.P. Morgan & Co.

In 2004, JPMorgan Chase acquired Bank One which had its own in house private equity investment group, One Equity Partners. As a result of the acquisition, JP Morgan Partners separated from JP Morgan Chase in 2006. It changed its name to CCMP Capital. The new firm adopted the CCMP acronym combining the names of its predecessor entities (i.e., Chemical and Chase and JPMorgan Partners).

Stephen P. Murray co-founded CCMP Capital. Murray, a private equity investor and philanthropist, served as CCMP’s president and chief executive officer from its inception in July 2006 to February 2015. Mr. Murray left CCMP due to health related reasons. Murray’s board seats included Crestcom International, Infogroup Inc., Jetro JMDH Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Octagon Credit Investors, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and Strongwood Insurance Holdings. Murray graduated from Boston College in 1984 with an economics degree. In 1989, he earned his master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School.Steve Murray died on March 15, 2015 at the age of 52. Murray worked for CCMP and predecessor firms since 1989. Murray philanthropic efforts included the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, Boston College, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Stamford Museum, and Columbia Business School.
In the past twenty plus years, CCMP has invested billions of dollars in its four targeted industries. In a given year, CCMP typically invests between 100 million and 500 million in companies valued between $500 million and $3 billion dollars.

Caring About Your Dog’s Needs By Buying Beneful Premium Dog Food

I believe in the dog food that I buy for my dog because the manufacturers believe in what they are producing by purchasing high quality ingredients for their products. I am tired of cheap dog food brands that put the worst kinds of things in their foods. I don’t want to offer cheap foods to my dog because it’s a joke. I want to make my dog happy and help him lead a healthy life by providing real ingredients in his foods. It’s worth the time and money it takes to buy the premium brands because your dog’s health is important. Dog Food News I buy Beneful brand dog food because they list their ingredients on the packages. Beneful makes a kind of dog food called Chopped Blends that comes in 20 different varieties, and it looks like real food that dogs should eat. I buy my dog the kind of Chopped Blends that has chicken, rice and vegetables in it. It looks like food that I would feed my family, and my dog is my family, so it is the perfect fit. I found an article on the Daily Herald that summarizes the reasons why I go out of my way to purchase quality foods for my dog like Beneful. I did my research on what dogs need in their diets, and it turns out that Beneful provides a well balanced diet that my dog needs to keep himself active and healthy. I know in my heart that I am doing the right thing by being proactive and taking responsibility for my dog’s diet. Any pet owner that cares about their dog’s needs should read this article and purchase high quality, premium dog foods. The twitter article showcases the dog food manufacturers that use real ingredients in their foods. They pay more for their ingredients, and they care about the ways the food is prepared for animals. The article is a great read, and it can be viewed by going to this link. Feel free to share it with other people that care about their animal’s dietary needs.

Fashion Secrets With Doe Deere

Fashion is something that changes very often. Something may be fashionable one week and not fashionable the next. Many women find that it makes sense for them to develop their own sense of fashionable style. Developing your own fashionable sense of style is something that can take time and effort but also be very rewarding. One of the best ways to do so is by understanding fashion rules and then knowing when it makes sense to break them. In a recent article for Bustle Magazine, fashion icon Doe Deere talks about her own personal interpretation of such fashion rules in her own life and fashion career.

As Doe Deere shows us, it is possible to break long standing fashion rules and still look good when doing so. Her work has focused on using bold fashion to create looks that are fun, charming and work for the needs of any woman. She has demonstrated to others that, for example, someone can take a basic fashion rule such as dressing your age and break it comfortably and confidently. In her work with her cosmetics company, Lime Crime, Deere offers specific ways that breaking such rules can still look truly elegant and be right for any specific situation the wearer has in mind.

Deere wants fashion to be playful and fun and yet also right for any occasion. As she reminds us, fashion rule breaking can be an essential part of this process and one that allows anyone to get the ideal fashion choice for their needs. She has also shown us that we can use fashion rules such as not wearing many patterns at once to our specific advantage. Fearless fashion is one of her mottoes in life. It is a rule that she has chosen to live by and chosen to demonstrate to others who look to her for fashion leadership.

She has done much to help show us how fashion rules can be challenged successfully in an innovative and fun way. Her work here has led to a huge following of fans who seek out her advice and look for the best possible way to be able to use fashion rules well. Deere has spend much of the last few years exploring the many ways in which fashion rules can be broken and broken well. She has devoted much of her time to exploring color and how it can help people create many compelling looks.

This is why continues to tell us that we can use such rules to our own advantage. As she reminds us, if you have a favorite ball gown, you can wear it even to do errands. This allows us to explore the many ways that fashion can become not just something to wear but an entirely new way of self expression that is useful for those who look to feel that fashion should serve their needs and not just be about the expression of certain rules that may not apply at all to today’s contemporary woman.

Apps You Need

Downloading a new app can be fun and exciting, but it can quickly turn sour if you download an app that is wrong or does not provide you with everything that it truly should have. By making the most of the apps that you have, you will be able to find something that can suit even the pickiest of phone users. There are many apps that you can choose from that will give you what you want, from showing off to entertainment and even making friends or meeting that special someone who we are all looking for on a daily basis.

The GoPro app was created to make the GoPro camera easier to use. It was not intended to actually use with the camera, but was made to work well with the camera. It gives you the opportunity to pull the videos off of the camera and seamlessly upload them to all of your social media accounts or websites. You can even pick and choose the video that you are going to upload depending on the parts that you want to show up on your social media accounts. The app makes it easy to get those videos off of your camera.

Amazon is intended for people who enjoy things at the click of a button. The Amazon video app gives you all of the videos that you could want at your fingertips. You can choose from videos, TV shows and movies that are all available to watch or download on the app. It can be complicated to use some of the other apps, but the Amazon one is intended for an easy to use process for everyone who uses the app. You will have no problem finding the videos, shows and movies that you love when you are using the Amazon video app.

If you need to add some new friends to your circle, you are going to love the Skout app. This app is intended for people who want new friends or who want a new partner. The app can be used anywhere in the world and is able to give you suggestions to people who are in your area. It can be easily used and is optimized for mobile as it is a mobile only app and does not show up on computers or have any type of website that is geared toward static computers as opposed to mobile ones.

The app was created in 2008 and was the first dating app that was available for mobile. It was an app that was originally used for people who wanted to date, but eventually evolved into something that people who enjoy meeting new people of all varieties can use. It is not a hard to use application and provides the right amount of connections for anyone who is looking for someone new. Even if you are not looking for a new partner, you can truly find some great new friends on the mobile app designed for people who love to connect.

Benefits Of Benefuls And Premium Dog Foods

My Dog Eats The Best Food Because I Love Her
I adopted my dog from a shelter near where I live. I was never sure about her upbringing, and neither were the people that were working at the shelter. When I first brought her to my home she was kind of sad looking. I thought that she may have been mistreated, so I wanted to take really good care of her. Now she is super happy because I always give her attention and feed her the best food that I can find in the pet store. I did my research on wikipedia, and I found this article online from the Daily Herald that describes how much work is put into the quality dog food that I buy. I buy Beneful Dry Dog Food Original because it is made with real chicken, and my dog just loves chicken. It also has other real ingredients in it, so I know my dog is getting a full, well balanced and nutrient rich diet. I’m proud to be the pet owner that brings up what my dog eats when I talk to other pet owners. We all compare secrets and tips to keep our dogs healthy. My approach is to guarantee that she is getting the food that she needs when she needs it. Beneful provides these nutrients in a tasty way for my dog. The article has some insights on the premium dog food, so I encourage other pet owners to read it. If you are looking for a recommendation on what dog food to feed your pet, I strongly recommend buying Beneful’s Chopped Blends. It is the first dog food that I have seen and smelled that actually looks and smells like people food. I buy the Chopped Blends that comes with beef, carrots and tomatoes. My dog just loves it. Her tail starts wagging, and she won’t leave me alone in the morning until she has her delicious breakfast, The article from the Daily Herald contains original information that was briefly summed up here. To read the full article, go here.