Yeonmi Park: A Journey Highlighting a Greater Evil

An article had been published pertaining to the vicious actions surrounding the skepticism of Korean author, Yeonmi Park’s, book titled ” In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” The Amazon best selling book describes Park’s brutal journey from her homeland of North Korea to a better life in South Korea at only age thirteen.
Describing the journey that seemed to last a lifetime, Yeonmi Park described moments where living outside of the law proved to be detrimental to her by leaving everlasting effects. She discussed how abuse and starvation were her reality as she traveled through China and the Gobi Desert with her mother. Her father accompanied her on the journey, but died prematurely due to untreated cancer. Opening a window to her life in such a raw fashion received many compassionate reviews, but unfortunately, those who are skeptical of the events did not offer warm hearts nor kind words.

People from the capital of North Korea, Pyongyang, took responsibility for publishing a video attempting to disprove Park’s story. They claimed that her descriptions of North Korea did not add up and were certainly inaccurate. This video portrayed Park and her mother in such a negative light, that if someone were to view this before reading Park’s book, they would think that she was a villain rather than the victim of the cruelty that she suffered in her homeland. Citizens of North Korea went as far to say that Park and her mother are actually “celebrity defectors” for the United States that were hired to demonize their country.

Yeonmi Park’s response when she was asked by Reason TV was simple “I know the truth of North Korea.” Her novel was an attempt to describe her own journey. Being a former citizen of that nation, Park essentially stated that if her journey was the least bit threatening to the country or relatable at all, her story might be more truthful than they would like to admit. Park and her mother are heroes for their journey and are the faces of something far more tragic.

Legal Issues And Ross Abelow

The people in New York, as in other cities, have the need for a lawyer at various times in their lives. They may be going through a divorce, an accident or other legal issue in which they need to hire good representation for them. Since this is quite common, many people need to find a lawyer that specializes in the type of law that they require.

Ross Abelow’s Specializes In A Variety Of Legal Issues

Ross Ableow is highly respected in his field. His specialties in the legal field include, family, matrimonial, litigation and commercial law. With his past experience of 20 years in these types of legal issues, he is able to put together a case that will be won for his clients.

Talking With Ross Abelow

When people wish to enlist the help of Ross Abelow, they will receive a consultation with him. This consultation is free, and it is a time where Ross will gather the information about the case that is needed. He will go over a plan with the client to determine the best course of action. After the consultation is completed, the client can then make the decision whether or not they want to proceed with the case. This is also the time that money will be discussed, and Ross will give the client information about how that payment will be made. It is important that during the consultation phase, that the person be as honest as possible about what has happened, and what they need to accomplish in the court of law. Honesty and integrity is important when dealing with the law and cases that go to court.

Ross Abelow’s Education

Ross Abelow is an educated man. He graduated from NYU and continued on to finish with the Brooklyn College of Law.

Having a good lawyer to represent a person is important for those that live in New York as well as other areas. When they have a good lawyer to represent them, they are able to feel confident that they will receive the time in court that they deserve.

The Rules Of Investing

Igor Cornelsen is a shrewd investor. He is a master at this game. Cornelsen has managed a large number of banking institution worldwide. He helps investors to make the correct decisions which has allowed them to enjoy their investments. Cornelson has encouraged investors to stay clear of putting monies in companies with bad reputations but, encourages them to invest in inexpensive stocks because they have a better chance of making a great returns.

Cornelsen says that most people tend to look at investments as if that are playing the lottery. In order to reap any benefits one must commit to a long term investments. He approached investing as a career, this is why he is able to enjoy the life he has today. His advise to everyone is to start as early as possible in order to reap maximum benefit.

The Stock Market he reminds, is a place for patience. Igor Cornelsen also says that one doesn’t have to invest a huge sum of money in order to make money. He cautioned never to put all of your money on one stock. One can make investments in a number of small investments and still come out on top. There are opportunities to make up to 500% on an original investment but, one would have to make a commitment to a life time of wealth building.

One of the first lesson Igor Cornelsen teaches to any new investor, is to change their way of thinking when it comes to the Stock Market, by not trying to make a quick dollar, because this could lead to disastrous consequences. If an investor knows that he is losing his money, it will be in their best interest to pull out. He says there is a rule to keep in mind, which is, never lose your money. The purpose is to make money not to lose it.

He knows there will always be risk as an investor, even when the stock looks like a sure thing but, most time these risk can be minimized. One should be able to invest their money on their own but, for the first time investor he would recommend an adviser. Then as one get the hang of what they are suppose to do; they can do things on their own.

Igor Cornelsen now spends time in South Florida, enjoying facebook and  the fruit of his labor. He still enjoys doing investing but, only as a hobby.

How the Athleisure Wear can Work out for your Fashion Preferences

On March 11, 2016, Kelly Dougher gave an account on how she grew fond of wearing Athleisure outfits despite her love for more feminine clothes on Bustle’s Fashion and Beauty segment. Dougher’s early life was characterized by a tomboyish look, which comprised of jeans, sneakers, and overs-sized hoodie. However, her change in fashion taste and preferences began after she joined college.

In college, she utilized her first credit card, browsed Etsy, and visited a thrift store located in her college town. Subsequently, this translated to the beginning of her style and fashion experiment, which led the tomboy look-alike to wear feminine clothes. She reports in her article about how she enjoyed her new look, especially mixing different outfits and wearing heels.

Upon completing school and opting for freelance writing as a full-time career on, she started embracing the popular athleisure style. Primarily, this came about from staying and working at home unlike what she was used to when working at the library and daycare centers. She noticed the athleisure style was accepted in many social spheres and even popular among celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. This triggered her to wear sneakers with cute dresses unlike with high heels, which were uncomfortable for her.

Kelly goes ahead to showcase how she blends the athleisure style on to her daily activities such as running errands and going to workout sessions in joggers or leggings. In addition, she also exhibits pictures of her preferred outfit for weekend plans, as well as going out to the club. The information was initially reported on

An Insight on Fabletics

Fabletics is an online retailer company that was established as a subsidiary of JustFab on July 2013. The idea of Fabletics on corp.justfab for its inception was initiated through the collaboration of Kate Hudson, who is an actress, as well as JustFab’s Co-founders, who include Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Fabletics growth has been witnessed throughout the years since its inception in 2013 and prides itself for launching the men’s active wear in 2015.

Individuals are required to pay a monthly membership fee of $49.95, which Fabletics members can opt to skip on a particular month of their choice. Since members are presented with personalized services or outfits, they are required to complete a survey upon registering as members regarding their lifestyle and workout preferences.

Talk Fusion Making Leaps And Bounds 

Bob Reina the founder of Talk Fusion, the newest trend in video communication, said in an interview that his biggest personal challenges are to find the right balance between personal time and work time. Bob Reina enjoys his work to such a large extent that he spends a lot of time trying to improve upon what his business has to offer but also ways to improve upon his own success as an entrepreneur. Reina has to be more efficient with his time as well as set himself boundaries in order to fit in his personal and work time. Often times Bob will get up extremely early in the morning in order to get to work on work things so that he can get them out of the way as early as possible.

Being a successful entrepreneur there are always new ideas floating around and there is no exception with Bob Reina. He mentioned that he was not willing to share upcoming technology at Talk Fusion but he did say that if someone could invent a cellphone screen that does not smudge when you touch it, that that could be a multi million dollar industry and he would be the first purchaser of such an invention.

Bob Reina also shared in a recent interview that the best 100 dollars he had ever spent was fairly recently at Walgreens when he helped an old lady who clearly did not have the capital to pay for her groceries. Bob has a very kind heart and is also very giving. Talk Fusion for this exact reason is very involved in helping give back to communities and charities globally. Bob Reina is also very fond of animals and makes that known at the Talk Fusion headquarters. He has allowed all his staff to bring their pets to work and made his work place a pet friendly zone. This shows the love Bob Reina has for animals. Talk Fusion will be helping out charities in the future to come as well as several large animal organizations globally.

Brian Bonar’s Bellamy: Escondido’s Prime

In one of the oldest cities in San Diego County lies a real diamond in the rough. This town, Escondido, proudly holds fast to what some might call a more traditional lifestyle, even with being only 30 miles outside of the United State’s eighth largest city, San Diego. It takes a certain kind of person to withstand that sort of grand influence, and maybe that’s what Scottish entrepreneur, Brian Bonar, saw in this quainter location when he set out to establish his own “restaurant mini-empire.”

According to, San Diego is seemingly the obvious choice for his first gem of an establishment, Brian Bonar’s, especially when pitted up against the smaller, more agricultural feel of Escondido. And yet there is a certain kind of charm when you put Patrick Ponsaty, who dons the title of Master Chef of France, in an unconventional locale like this one. It’s even complete with a rustic decor that matches the town well enough. The contrast is part of the attraction, but the fine cuisine overseen by a Master Chef and backed by an excellent staff certainly isn’t to be overshadowed.

Bellamy’s Before Bonar’s takeover, Bellamy’s was dubbed Tango by one of Charlie Trotter’s proteges. It was an attempt to introduce “progressive dining” to Escondido and it ultimately ended in it being sold–twice. Where they failed, Brian and Ponsaty have made their way to acclaim. With a chic seasonal California menu, there are obvious French influences that really make the restaurant into one set apart from the rest. The on-site farm assures that everything served is fresh, while the highly trained staff make sure everything is served right. It’s got that upscale feel and is an experience that doesn’t disappoint.

It takes a finer taste and a steady hand to make something like this work and Brian Bonar is an excellent entrepreneur, if nothing else. Bellamy’s got its start in November of 2012 and has been featured in multiple articles since. Currently, it boasts Winner of OpenTable’s Diner’s Choice 2016 thanks to Bonar’s talent.

WEN by Chaz 7 Day Challenge

Perhaps, you’ve heard about the WEN by Chaz  Dean 7 Day Challenge that was covered on Bustle. Well, the challenge is to address the effectiveness of the WEN Cleansing Conditioner. The product is featured regularly in those infomercials that appear on television at the oddest hours. The product is supposed to be an all in one hair care system. It shampoos, conditions, detangles, and more. Wen promises to improve the condition of the hair. The girl in the original article decided to test the product on her own hair and share the results with readers on Bustle.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner On Fine Hair

The subject in the article has fine textured hair that lacks bounce and shine. She purchased from Sephora the Fig formula to test on her hair. The woman claims that she is a hair fanatic, which probably means that she has tried dozens of hair care products on her hair. Most women run through several different brands a year, searching for that one product that really does work. The woman tested the product on her hair over several days and shares the amazing results with readers. The Cleansing Conditioner really delivered on its promise to improve the condition of her hair. At the end of the week challenge, her hair was shiny and bouncy. She states that she was very happy with the results.

WEN by Chaz

A lot of women would like to hire a Hollywood hair stylist to shampoo, condition, moisturize, and style their hair. Well, the WEN Cleansing Conditioning system by Chaz Dean is the closest thing to having a real hair care expert in your home. The creator of the hair care system is Hollywood stylist, Chaz Dean. He has created an amazing product that leaves your hair strong, moisturized, and nourished. Get Wen to improve your hair.


Investor George Soros Warns The U.S. That A Mega Global Disaster Is In The Works


Americans are concerned about the economy. At least, they say they are. But very few Americans realize how close the United States is to another 2008 Great Recession. But George Soros, the international investor and billionaire, knows, and he is warning anyone that will listen that things aren’t the way they appear economically speaking.

The economy is plugging along at a slow growth rate. The presidential race is not helping the economy increase its growth rate, but Mr. Soros can’t help himself. He gets involved in political campaigns while he’s warning the candidates that the political road is going to be filled with economic potholes for the next few years. Soros is a liberal by nature. He frequently speaks about global warming. Human rights, free speech and open societies. He is a big Hilary Clinton supporter. He gave two PAC groups money. Those groups want to see Clinton in the White House, according to an article posted by talks about Soros and his eccentric habits. Anyone that has $27 billion in the bank can afford to be a little eccentric. But even though Soros is considered quirky by some people, no one can deny his ability to invest in the right assets, or predict economic changes. His new prediction has political leaders in the United States covering their ears. If he’s right, and a global recessions absorbs the United States in its contractive ways, the political party in power will have their work cut out for them.

Soros is telling the world what most of the world already knows. China is turning the economic apple cart on its side and the European Union is arguing about how many apples were in the cart. China isn’t admitting it, but their country is in a recession even though their GDP rate is more than 6 percent. Soros claims that figure isn’t correct. China’s GDP rate is less than 4 percent, and it’s dropping every month. The red nation can’t get its capitalistic house in order, and it has cost them billions of dollars in capital reserves.

Other emerging markets are in trouble too. Brazil is being dragged into the third year of a nasty recession, and the Brazilian government hasn’t a clue how to stop it. The economies of Venezuela, Taiwan, South Africa, Ireland, Spain and Portugal are all one step away from contraction, and more countries will join them in the second half of 2016.

China is years away from solving their manufacturing and consumer issues. Some economists say it will take the Chinese five years to get their economy moving again. But some economists say it will never be the same as it has been for the last ten years, and Soros thinks they may be right.

Skout Bridges the Young Adult Gap

College students have become very excited about Skout. This is the app that a lot of young kids are using because it is the app that is new. Facebook is being occupied by the older adults. Kids are spending all of their time on Snap Chat. Skout fits snugly in the middle as the app that is ideal for the teenagers and the young adults.

There are a lot of people that have become interested in what Skout has to offer. Stories like Random Acts of Kindness Week are a sign of this. . When things like Random Acts of Kindness come into play it is the Skout app that helps spread the word about this. It has become the app that is easy to use because it spreads to much information like this around the world.

Young students in recent months were able to spread random acts of kindness because they probably heard about it through friends on social media apps like Skout. This is empowering because the Skout app has millions of users. People can spread a little bit of kindness at a time and this goes a long way.

Skout is the type of app that informs, but it is also a lot of fun. Dating has never been easier. People that are single and ready to mingle should definitely know about Skout. It represents a new world of app users that are investing in everything that is free.

People are using the free apps to stream their music and movies. Others are using free apps to make phone calls and chat. It only makes sense to get connected with an app that is also giving you the opportunity to date without any limits. That is why so many people have fell in love with Skout. It is the new app that eliminates the need for a premium eHarmony account.

It is not a coincidence to see the growing appeal of Skout. It is a hybrid app that has a lot of user profiles, but it has more than this. There are games that can be played for points. There are articles posted on the website. All of these things describe a bigger and better social media realm that caters to a large crowd of college students and high school users as well. This is the app that bridges the apps between high school, college and college graduates.

George Soros: A Great Investor

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in the year 1930. At age seventeen, he fled from Hungary and went to England. He graduated from the London School of Economics five years later after which he obtained a level position with an investment bank. He immigrated to the US in 1956 where he held an analyst position at F.M Mayer in New York from 1956 to 1959 and later an investment management position at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder from 1959 to 1963. It was after leaving this firm in 1973 that he founded his own hedge fund company, Soros Fund Management. The firm evolved and eventually became the well-known Quantum Fund. He ran the firm diligently and aggressively for almost two decades and turned it to the successful hedge fund it is recognized as today racking up returns in excess of thirty percent per year. More information on George Soros and his life can be found on,
George Soroswas just a name in the investment world until in 1992 when he invested ten billion dollars on a single currency by shorting the British pound. Had this move been wrong, he would have fallen from grace to grass but he turned out to be right. The trade generated him a profit of one billion dollars in a single day. In total, he made himself a profit of two billion dollars from the transaction. This earned him the name ‘the man who broke the Bank of England’.
Today, his investment strategies are respected and even looked up to. Those in the world of investments believe that he did not become a billionaire by making bad investment decisions. Therefore, when the Soros Fund Management recently dumped all of its shares in Chevron, Chesapeake Energy and NRG Energy, people wonder whether Soros knows something they don’t. One may wonder whether it is advisable to sell energy stocks in favor of more promising growth opportunities in other sectors. Particularly, whether Soros acted prematurely or know exactly what he is doing. This uproar is caused by the fact that energy prices have been swinging wildly and consequently driving intra-day volatility in the equity markets. Investors have therefore been left guessing where the unpredictable energy sector will drive their stocks.
By Friday, U.S crude prices per barrel were seventy three percent down from midsummer highs in 2014. The low energy prices are news worth celebrating for consumers but are death penalties for the economies. For instance, the US spends 1.4 trillion dollars annually on energy which account for 8.2 percent of the gross domestic product. The energy industry supports over nine million jobs either directly or indirectly in the US and thus a squeeze in this industry is likely to be felt.
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