How Healthcare Companies Change the Industry

Large healthcare corporations normally need financial and professional backing from a much larger company that they can put their full trust into. One of these companies is known as Nobilis Health and they have worked with millions of patients within their facilities to provide a superior service to those who might need it. One of the benefits of using the Nobilis Health surgical centers is that the facilities are completely run by Nobilis Health, allowing those who visit to find the best care possible. Nobilis Health has been in business for many years and continues to make strides in the healthcare industry. Their main focus is surgical centers that can be found in both the Texas and Arizona areas. These centers are fully run by Nobilis Health, which acts as the overseer to those who are working within the facility. This is what makes these surgical centers such amazing and well-oiled machines. They are completely run by a professional company like Nobilis Health to make sure that every single patient who goes through those doors is getting amazing care. If you feel that you could make use of a professional surgical center that is run by Nobilis Health, you can visit their site to see which centers are currently being operated at the moment. You will love the fact that Nobilis Health is there to provide amazing healthcare services to those who require it. The fact that Nobilis Health provides the facilities with some of the best surgeons and nurses in the area is what makes them a top firm to consider when going for a procedure. Like many other companies out there on facebook, Nobilis Health continues to be the overseer to the many facilities that it operates. This is a great chance for you to feel fully confident in the center that you are choosing to go to in the near future. You will love that there are many facilities available to those who need it and for those who want to know that they are getting the absolute best care that is going to be available to them close to where they live.

Stephen Murray – The Visionary Behind CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital in August 2006. The organization was a spinout of JP Morgan Chase containing the buyout and growth equity team of its private equity group. In 2007, he was named CEO of the organization. Murray left CCMP Capital one month prior to his death, citing “health reasons.” He helped make CCMP what it was and is very missed.

A global private equity firm, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital according to wikipedia has invested over $16 billion. They invest in certain sectors such as:
and Energy.

Within the consumer, retail, and services industry, it focuses on specialty retail, direct marketing, consumer packaged goods, and services industries. For media and telecom investments, CCMP Capital focuses on consumer and trade publishing, content and programming, broadcasting, cable, and wireless communications. In the industrial area, CCMP Capital focuses on exploration and production, power generation, renewable energy, and services sectors. In healthcare, the organization highlights services, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

CCMP Capital prefers to make its investments in North America. They also do business in Europe, Asia and Latin America. The organization is located in New York and has additional offices in London, the United Kingdom and the Woodlands, Texas.

The organization manages both the JP Morgan Partners Global Fund and CCMP Capital Investors II. Among their investments are:
AMC Entertainment
Berry Plastics
Guitar Center, Inc.
Pinnacle Foods
and more.

The name CCMP stands for the firm’s heritage organizations:

C – Chemical Ventures,
C – Chase Capital,
M – Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan
P – Partners.

They became an independent firm in 2006 and have had stellar results since. CCMP Capital is solvent and an ideal organization to work with.

Shaygan Kheradpir: A Career in Technology

We live in a world that is filled with technology. Therefore, the people who are experts in this field are very important to the way that all of us live our lives on a daily basis. One of the brilliant minds that has stepped to the forefront of the technological field is named Shaygan Kheradpir. In a relatively short period of time, he has made an impact on the worlds of technology and engineering that is extremely impressive. His life story is a fascinating one. He did not have the typical path that many other people in his field experience on their way to the top.

As a child growing up in the Middle Eastern country of Iran, Shaygan Kheradpir did not seem as if he was going to one day develop into one of the most respected electrical engineers in the United States. However, that is exactly what happened. He was fortunate in that he had a head start that many people do not have the advantage of. His father was fairly wealthy. He used his money to send the young Kheradpir to a private boarding school in Switzerland that was better than anything that was available at the time in Iran. It was at this school located in the desolate Alps that Kheradpir was able to focus on his studies while enjoying the beautiful scenery in his spare time. At this stage of his life, he was not entirely certain what he wanted to do for a living. After speaking to a career counselor, he got the idea that electrical engineering might be the degree for him to pursue.

Kheradpir was eventually accepted by Cornell University. Becoming one of top students in his classes on a regular basis allowed him to earn a prestigious electrical engineering PhD degree. At this point, the world was his for the taking. Even though there were many promising careers that he could begin, he was not sure exactly which one to choose. After consulting with his father and other people he respected, Kheradpir accepted a job offer from GTE. He soon realized that he loved the company and the people he worked with. His superiors left him alone to manage the projects he was assigned to as he saw fit. He loved the working environment that he was given by GTE. This continued when GTE was eventually bought and became Verizon.

In the years since his departure from Verizon, Kheradpir’s career has continued to move onward and upward. He now enjoys the powerful position of Chief Executive Officer of Coriant. This is a company that is involved in many different things. However, they mainly create hardware and software. The company has experienced tremendous growth under Kheradpir. Profits are at an all-time high and investors could not be more pleased with the way things are going at the moment. In a recent interview, Kheradpir stated that he has some exiting plans in store for Coriant in the coming years. However, he would not give any specific details.

The rise of Makeup queen Doe Deere

Doe Deere, also known as Xenia, is a Russian girl who moved to the USA in 1999 to make a name for herself in the cosmetic industry. Doe began her career in 2003 on eBay where she sold DIY clothing using name Thunderwear! In October of the same year, Doe opened little big girls, an invite-only Live journal to create a community that would enable DIY eBay designers to promote their clothing. In 2004, Doe released a CD titled “I believe in fairytales” together with her band SkySalt. At the same time, she also began to host events to promote her band.
Doe went on to alter her eBay store name to Lime Crime and joined hands with Amy Doan, who also sold clothing on eBay using the title Shrinkle. Most of Doe’s designs appeared to have been inspired by Amy’s color palettes and designs. She also launched her website, dubbed which enabled her to sell her new clothing line but she later dropped to concentrate on her music career.
In 2006, Doe shut down her clothing line and diverted her energy to make up tutorials and to sell repackaged glitter. She boldly changed her style from bright and bold colors to feminine pastels and relaunched her website. In January 2007, doe started holding raffle contests where the money collected was supposed to benefit a local animal shelter. The raffle managed to raise $200. In October of the same year, Doe relaunched her music career without her band this time round. She launched her single “SF Disco” and went on to declare it an anthem for the gay community. Being an animal lover, Doe went on to write articles on the importance of educating children against cruelty to animals.
In 2008, Doe continued to promote her music career and decided to go officially by the given name Doe Deere rather that the more famous Xenia. In August of the same year, Doe decided to relaunch her journal blog and changed the name to Doe Deere Blog magazine and began making makeup tutorials once again. She officially launched Lime Crime Makeup in October of the same year. Her collection of makeup included blush, glitter, eye shadow, brushes and primers. She expanded her line to include Lime Crime lipstick in October 2009. In December of the same year, Doe announced the opening of her line of gel eyeliners.
In the quest for her career growth, Doe decided to relocate to Los Angeles in March 2011. Her first social event in Los Angeles was the Japan LA charity event that helped for the tsunami victims. In May 2015, an artist found a photo of Doe Deere on Instagram that he exhibited in his art gallery. He sold the photo for $90,000

The Changing Landscape Of NYC Real Estate And How It Has Been Shaped By The Tech Boom

The recent growth in the tech industry is the highest it has been since 2000, and cities around the world are feeling the impact of the industry’s growth. Cities, such as New York City are rapidly changing to meet the needs of tech companies centered in the metropolitan areas.

More Competition And Less Supply Means Record Highs In Real Estate

Unexpected growth in the tech industry is having an effect on the area’s real estate. In 2014, tech companies made up 19 percent of all leasing activity; the number was a significant jump from the year before. Tech companies are driving recent demand for real estate in NYC apartments for rent. In Chelsea, Flatiron and Union square almost half of all bids can be attributed to tech startups. The increased demand has affected the price of rent in these neighborhoods; rent is 80 percent higher in comparison to that of 10 years ago. These prices surpass the 2008 market boom and have hit a record high.

Tech startups benefit from the expertise of a trusted real estate firm. The high demand in tech ready spaces necessitates the use of a trusted professional in order to procure a space that fits the character of the tech company. Professional real estate companies, such as TOWN Residential implement a hand-crafted approach to meet the needs of real estate clients looking for NYC apartments for rent.

The Growing Popularity Of The Non-traditional office Space

One of the biggest concerns for tech companies is the layout and feel of their office space. Tech companies are turning to landlords throughout the city and asking for spaces with open floor plans, exposed brick, loft spaces, and rooftop terraces. It would benefit landlords throughout NYC to address these unique concerns and renovate spaces to accommodate the growing industry.

Those leasing or selling office space in the current NYC market may discuss their needs with a professional at New York City’s leading luxury real estate firm. Founded in 2010, the luxury firm has established itself as the top in sales and leasing of NYC properties. TOWN Residential has helped countless clients achieve their real estate goals.

New Life To Old Neighborhoods

Across the city, the tech boom is shifting the identity of old neighborhoods. Districts, such as Flatiron, which is now a haven for startups, are being given new life. Some of NYC’s old neighborhoods, traditionally known for manufacturing, are being transformed because of their low rent prices and proximity to transit. Bars, stores, and restaurants are springing up in the old neighborhoods. Many of these districts are showing signs of economic growth in other sectors to support the new tech tenants.

The Tech-boom And Its Effect On Residential Space

The often younger techies need to live somewhere. Some of the tech folks can afford the more pricy popular neighborhood, however, far more of them live in areas that offer a good value and additional space. The infusion of the young tech crowd into residential areas is slowly creating new “hot spots” and adding additional demand for businesses and development in those areas. The effect of the tech boom can be seen in areas, such as Long Island and Astoria. Since 2008, the number of residents with a college degree has risen by 40 percent in those areas.

Handy is the right way to find the Perfect Contractor

Handy recently celebrated its two year anniversary, and while that’s an impressive landmark to reach, the company did so much more than reach hits milestone. They also overcome obstacles, and a sometimes hard economic situation, and now earn a $1 million per week income. Yes, million with an ‘m.’
Who is Handy?
Referred to as ‘the remote control for your home,’ Handy home improvement services launched in 2012, providing customers with a 90-second hookup for the required handyman for their requested services. Handy offers a 100% money-back guarantee of their services, and provides listings of only top-name, quality providers in the area. Using Handy makes choosing a home improvement technician who won’t let you down so much easier.
Each week thousands of people use the handy website or mobile app in search of a contractor, and each time they find the perfect match for their needs. There are more than 20,000 registered contracts with Handy and a list of hundreds more names waiting to be approved and placed on the list. Whether you are searching for a house painter or a plumber, an electrician or something else, you can always find it in seconds with the use of Handy.
Right now there are 25 cities in the U.S. served with the Handy services website, as well as one in London and another in Canada. There are expectations of new cities to join the list immediately.
Handy Earnings are from within
The CEO of Handy, Umang Dua, says that the success of the brand comes because they’re concerned with far more than making a quick buck. Handy wants to provide a service that is beneficial and enjoyable to each person who uses it. A mobile site is one of the added convinces that Handy members can enjoy, as well as a modernized, friendly search and a team of experts ready to assist you day or night.
Trust Handy for your Home Improvement Needs
Handy is the website to go to when you need information, services, and a contractor in a short amount of time. You won’t waste any time because Handy aims to please, and offers only the best of the best in each city that is served. The easy to use website makes it easy to find a great contractor in your area that won’t charge you an arm and a leg. The low membership cost is worth joining because you’ll get that money back if you use only one home improvement contractor during the year.

Leaders In Business: Chicagoland

The Chicago business leader is of a unique kind —cunning, resourceful, knowledgeable and personable. Running a business in the Windy City has numerous perks accompanied by just as many sacrifices. The daily time clock in the Chicago business world ticks nonstop and the Chicago businessperson is constantly on the move.

Although very competitive, the Chicago business scene is composed of many industries, and starting a new business on a shoestring budget is highly possible. Famous Chicago businessman Marshall Field (1834-1906) arrived into the city at the young age of 21 and worked as a dry goods merchant before founding the department store chain named after him. McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc was born and raised in the Oak Park suburb of Chicago, working menial jobs in the city for years before establishing the world-famous fast-food franchise.

The spirit of entrepreneurship lives on in the 21st century, along with technology rapidly advancing pace. Marketing products and services across the globe is easier nowadays with the aid of executives who focus on business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) relations. Independent Senior Marketing Executive Majeed Ekbal has over 15 years of developing global marketing campaigns specializing in the following areas:
Business Development
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Healthcare Marketing
Experiential Marketing
SEO Analytics
E-commerce Development and Implementation
Planning Implementation
Brand Awareness

Ekbal was educated at American University in Washington D.C. and later secured a position at Razorfish after moving to Chicago in 2008. He eventually became the Vice President of Business Development, emphasizing on client and business relations. In 2009, he became a consultant for various digital marketing firms in the Chicagoland area, later focusing on humanitarian-based business ventures (women and child welfare, economic development, fair labor practices, etc.). Ekbal is currently assisting private businesses and charities with economic resources and advice through social media (Facebook, Twitter) and his daily blog at

The rich history of Chicago has played a major factor in its continuously thriving industries and some of the most notable business leaders today have pursued the American dream as a result. Greatness is possible from very little means and growth is inevitable in the Chicago business world. The only tools needed to succeed are desire, resilience, and tenacity.

Yeonmi Park Activist for Human Rights

Ms. Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea during a famine and economic crunch. This took place from 1993-1998 Over 240,000 North Koreans died from hunger-related illnesses or starvation. Yeonmi Park is starting to be recognized on the international stage as an activist for human rights. She has given speeches that truly touch the hearts of her audience. She is speaking out with an impassioned plea to the world for freedom and to draw attention to people who are still stuck under the thumb or repressive totalitarian regimes.

Ms. Park is an example a voice for people that may not have been heard. She is becoming an inspiration to many for her strength and bravery not only escaping, but starting a whole new life for her and her family in a different culture is daunting.
Yeonmi grew up in a place that thrived on hatred of the unknown and complete devotion to the leader of their country. She grew up a daughter of a civil servant and a nurse. Ms. Park’s parents smuggled metal to Chinese merchants to hold the family together through the famine. Her family was well off until 2002 which is when her father was arrested. Ms. Park’s father soon fell ill and realized the only way to protect his family was to get them out of North Korea.

In 2007 Yeonmi and her mother began their journey. Yeonmi’s sister had left before them and her father was too ill to travel at the time. The family arranged to be brought across the border to China. Yeonmi of saw her mother attacked by traffickers in her defense. They lost contact with her sister and feared that she was dead.They faced many adversities, and went into hiding because Chinese officials would catch escapees to return them to North Korea. Ms. Park did what she had to do to protect her mother and bring her father to China. Her father died of colon cancer and was buried secretly without a ceremony for the family was still in hiding and could not afford to draw the attention of the authorities.In 2009 with the help of several organizations they were able to be smuggled into Mongolia and finally found refuge in South Korea. Later with the help of the South Korean government Yeonmi was reunited with her sister in Seoul.

North Korea has intensely increased security on their border with China. The citizens trying to defect are facing an terrifying and dangerous situation to get to freedom. The country’s leaders are going to unusual measures to prevent its citizens from defecting. Yeonmi felt forgotten and because of that is determined to make sure the world does not forget about others who are trapped or suffering. She wants to see the end of oppressive regimes that stifle and destroy their greatest assets. Ms. Yeonmi Park has written a book for Penguin press about her ordeal it is titled In order to live and will be available to buy September 29.

CCMP Continues To Its Growth – Stephen P. Murray

Stephen P. Murray was a co-founder of CCMP (Chase Capital Management Portfolio) in 2006. Murray began working for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation on in 1989 shortly after graduation from college.

Having worked for CCMP for several years, and an integral part of the spin-off, Murray selected his team of brilliant experts to take with him and emerged a leader in equity investments at CCMP.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital began in 1984 with a group called Chemical Venture Partners (CVP) who created a unit called Chemical Bank. Not too long after that Chemical Bank merged with Manufacturers Hanover, and Chemical Bank then merged into the Chase Manhattan Bank. In 1996, Chemical Ventures were renamed Chase Capital Partners, (CCP), and lastly, Chase Capital Partners was renamed JP Morgan Partners. Today we have CCMP, Chase Capital Management Portfolio.

Through all the changes, Stephen Murray, President and CEO of CCMP Capital stayed focused, driven and goal oriented. He led CCMP through changes and gained respect and success, not to mention profits. Stephen P. Murray recently passed away at the age of 52 from illness. He will be remembered for his leadership and financial genius.

Following Stephen Murray, CCMP named Greg Brenneman as Chairman, President and CEO of CCMP Capital, which remains as a global private equity firm. CCMP specializes in buyout and growth equity investments throughout Europe and North America.

The most recent acquisition announced in August of 2015, was Shoes For Crews. They have just entered into an agreement to acquire a controlling interest in this firm. Shoes For Crews is the leader of slip-resistant footwear. Founded in 1984 they have created an exceptional rubber compound that literally resists slip-and-fall accidents. Their technology far exceeds other slip resistant materials being used by other manufacturers, and there is a tremendous need for this product to be combined with many industry footwear.

CCMP’s portfolio ranges from consumer/retail products for the energy, industry, and the ever important health care. A few of their portfolio companies are Pinnacle Foods, Quiznos Sub, Aramark, Eco Services, Generac Power Systems, MedQuest Associates, Newark E&P Holdings, and the list continue listing businesses in all arenas.

The investment focus at CCMP Capital continues to specialize in making buyout and growth equity investments in both Europe and North America maintaining the strength of their portfolio.

Bruce Levenson’s contribution to the NBA

The National Basketball Association usually referred to as NBA, is a professional basketball league for men in North America. The league started in the early 1940s in the New York City and named the Basketball Association of America (BAA). The name National Basketball Association was coined in 1949. Currently, the league has 30 member clubs; 29 of them coming from the United States and one from Canada. Over the years, NBA has continued to look for growth and recognition in the international scene. It is an active member of the United States Basketball (USAB), recognized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Many sports investors have played a significant role in the growth of National Basketball Association. One of the household names, as far as NBA clubs owners is concerned, is Mr Bruce Levenson. This gentleman has championed for more teams to participate in NBA games, and possibly even teams abroad.

Bruce Levenson! Who is this man? As stated earlier, Bruce is the former NBA Atlanta Hawks Owner. His contributions at the NBA Atlanta Hawks cannot go unnoticed. He is the reason this club has been performing all these years. Reliable sources claim that Bruce Levenson and his friends had acquired Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting System, Inc for $208 million in 2004. Since then, the team has been performing well in the NBA league.

When Bruce purchased Atlanta Hawks, the team was performing poorly only appearing below the table for all the seasons. When he assumed control as the President of NBA Atlanta Hawks, the majority of the team supporters were blacks. Bruce Levenson knew that getting white supporters was the first step towards building a successful NBA team. He, therefore, came up with several TV commercials and campaigns targeting prospective supporters from white-dominated states. After a few months, many whites found themselves wanting to be associated with the team. Consequently, the team’s annual revenue increased from $80 to $150 per year, almost double the amount they were getting before.

In the start of 2015, having a desire to retire from active NBA matters, Bruce decided to sell all the shares he was holding at Atlanta Hawks. The money he got from the sale of NBA Atlanta Hawks is estimated to be around $730 million. The team was bought by Ares Management LP, a multi-billion company owned by Antony Ressler.

Bruce Levenson is also the force behind United Communications Group (UCG), one of the most successful business information firms in the United States. He is also a successful family man and a philanthropist. He is married to Karen Levenson, a beautiful, hardworking, and dedicated woman. Bruce and Karen have several charitable works across the United States such as the U.S. Holocaust Museum, and I Have A Dream Foundation.