Bruce Levenson’s contribution to the NBA

The National Basketball Association usually referred to as NBA, is a professional basketball league for men in North America. The league started in the early 1940s in the New York City and named the Basketball Association of America (BAA). The name National Basketball Association was coined in 1949. Currently, the league has 30 member clubs; 29 of them coming from the United States and one from Canada. Over the years, NBA has continued to look for growth and recognition in the international scene. It is an active member of the United States Basketball (USAB), recognized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Many sports investors have played a significant role in the growth of National Basketball Association. One of the household names, as far as NBA clubs owners is concerned, is Mr Bruce Levenson. This gentleman has championed for more teams to participate in NBA games, and possibly even teams abroad.

Bruce Levenson! Who is this man? As stated earlier, Bruce is the former NBA Atlanta Hawks Owner. His contributions at the NBA Atlanta Hawks cannot go unnoticed. He is the reason this club has been performing all these years. Reliable sources claim that Bruce Levenson and his friends had acquired Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting System, Inc for $208 million in 2004. Since then, the team has been performing well in the NBA league.

When Bruce purchased Atlanta Hawks, the team was performing poorly only appearing below the table for all the seasons. When he assumed control as the President of NBA Atlanta Hawks, the majority of the team supporters were blacks. Bruce Levenson knew that getting white supporters was the first step towards building a successful NBA team. He, therefore, came up with several TV commercials and campaigns targeting prospective supporters from white-dominated states. After a few months, many whites found themselves wanting to be associated with the team. Consequently, the team’s annual revenue increased from $80 to $150 per year, almost double the amount they were getting before.

In the start of 2015, having a desire to retire from active NBA matters, Bruce decided to sell all the shares he was holding at Atlanta Hawks. The money he got from the sale of NBA Atlanta Hawks is estimated to be around $730 million. The team was bought by Ares Management LP, a multi-billion company owned by Antony Ressler.

Bruce Levenson is also the force behind United Communications Group (UCG), one of the most successful business information firms in the United States. He is also a successful family man and a philanthropist. He is married to Karen Levenson, a beautiful, hardworking, and dedicated woman. Bruce and Karen have several charitable works across the United States such as the U.S. Holocaust Museum, and I Have A Dream Foundation.

I Chose To Visit Skout After Being Stood Up By A Jerk

I wasn’t ready to start looking for a date again, especially since my recent date stood me up. I was ready to go out last week Saturday, but the stupid man that I thought cared about me didn’t show up and didn’t call. I don’t know what happened to him, and to this day I’ve never heard from him again. I guess what he did to me is called ghosting, and it’s when a person just disappears out of your life for one reason or another. I wasn’t coming on too strong, and I let him know that I wasn’t looking for anything serious right away.

It doesn’t seem to matter that I was letting him know that I was looking for something casual because he still disappeared on me. I really wish he had let us go out for the night because I’ve been in the house for months. I chose to pick myself up and brush myself off, and I made a point to start looking online for a date this time. It seems as if the stupid men in my town are no good, so maybe I’ll have better luck looking for a man in another town.

I live in Athens, Georgia, and Atlanta is a long ways away, but I figured that I might start searching for a date in a bigger city. Although there are some good people in Athens, I wasn’t able to find a nice guy that could really be honest, instead of disappearing on me last minute. I chose to go on the Skout network, which I’ve been hearing about for months now. It’s time I got up the courage to go online and start dating. I was only able to find myself on the Skout network because of I was trying to redeem my broken date.

I wasn’t one to sit at the computer for hours chatting, so I opted to get the Skout application. The application was a turn on for me because it was a lot of fun. I used the “shake to chat” feature, and I love that every time I shake my phone a new person appears on the screen. Although I was getting people as far away as Africa and Australia, I still enjoyed chatting on Skout. I started doing a more specified search for people in Atlanta, even though I knew it’d be a long drive to meet them.

After searching for a few days I was able to add ten different guys to my favorites’ list, and every single guy was in Atlanta. The reason I know where these people are is because Skout has a location service that’s similar to a GPS, and it allows me to know which city a person is in. I was even able to find some people very close to my area, and one guy was only a mile away from me. I feel Skout will be the best place for me to find a real date.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional House Cleaner

Cleaning the house is a daunting task that very few people enjoy. Whether it is sweeping and mopping the floors or tossing out no longer needed or usable items, the chore seems to take more time than anything else that you do. Rather than use all of your free time cleaning the house, why not hand the job over to the pros? There are tons of benefits of doing so and very few negative consequences. Let’s take a look at some of those wonderful benefits you will enjoy when you hire a professional cleaning company.

Professional Cleaner: The Many Benefits

As mentioned before, the biggest and best benefit enjoyed with the use of a professional cleaning company is the fact that you free up so much of your time. There are so many things you’d rather be doing, but instead you sit at home, cleaning and ensuring the home is the charming and quaint spot that you want it to be. With a professional on the job, your time is once again yours to enjoy, without worrying about a mess in the house.

Control the Situation

You are in total control when you hire a professional. Decide when and how often the cleaner comes to your home, and book same-day, emergency services if needed. This is a definite plus that you’ll enjoy!

Bye Bye Headache and Hassle

For people (almost all of us) who can’t say that cleaning is high on their list of favorite things to do, hiring a pro eliminates a lot of headache and hassle, and also makes the day just a little bit brighter since you know that your home is clean and comfy and you can kick back and relax.

There are so many wonderful benefits enjoyed with the help of a professional cleaning company, including those listed above. Surely you’d love for these great things, as well as the many others offered to you with the help of a pro, to be a part of your lifestyle! Enjoying this wonderful lifestyle is easy with the help of a professional on your side.

The Handy way to Clean your Home

Rather than waste time, energy and money working with the wrong home cleaning company, make the best decision and call Handy Home Cleaning Services first. Handy frees up your time according to while cutting all of the dirt and grime! It is fast and easy to arrange for a pro online to come to your home (or business) for a quick cleaning or a deep cleaning, depending upon your needs. Handy offers professional services, exceptional prices, and the cleaning dependability that you desire. Save yourself some trouble and book with the best.

James Dondero: Over 30 years of professional success

Every year thousands of hopefuls try to launch a career in business. Business degrees are one of the most sought after college degrees. The idea of becoming a high-end businessman, CEO, professional is what many dream of. This career does not come easy. A degree doesn’t grant you instant access into this industry. When people like James Dondero makes it in the business industry and excels beyond imagine they become an inspiration. We’ll cover how Dondero’s got into his current career, his college accomplishments and career successes.

After high school James Dondero was accepted into the University of Virginia. Instead of simply obtaining his degree then carrying on with his career Dondero made sure he made an impression at his college. Dondero was an active member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. He also had duel majors in Finance and Accounting. The ability to manage so much in college is extremely impressive. What’s even more impressive is Dondero graduated college with the highest honors. With a new wealth of knowledge and extensive college resume, Dondero was ready to take on the business world.

Once out of college Dondero started his first professional position at Morgan Guaranty training program. This program allowed him to train as an analyst and gave him the insider experience he needed to grow within the industry. Dondero’s on the job training and duel college degrees helped further his career with a very respectable company, American Express. Dondero landed a Corporate Bond Analyst position with American Express and worked his way up as Portfolio Manager. After much success in different positions James Dondero went on to co-found his own company in 1993.

James Dondero is Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management in Dallas Texas. Dondero worked with Highland Capital Management for over 20 years now. Highland Capital Management is one of the largest, most successful credit managers in the United States. The company manages over $20 billion dollars in assists. This company manages things like high end hedge funds and private equity. After being established in 1993 the company has grown all over the world. Currently Highland Capital Management has locations in Dallas Texas, New York, Seoul and Singapore. This extremely successful company wasn’t founded overnight. It took hard work and strategical game plans to advance this far.

After graduating college and launching his career, Dondero still makes time to give back to his community. Currently Dondero is on the Board of Directors for MGM studios and American Banknote. In addition to his board member work, Dondero is also the Chairman for CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare and NexBank. James Dondero has worn many hats over his career and continues to grow individually and professionally. James Dondero has inspired many people and shown that hard work pays off.

Ken Griffith, founder of Citadel, is Not Your Usual Investment Tycoon

It’s not too often that a young man or woman comes from a tourist town like Daytona Beach and reaches the heights in the corporate world that Kenneth Griffin has with his alternative investment management firm on, the Citadel. People who knew him 30 years ago would never have imagined that he’d trade in his surfboard for an accounting portfolio, but he did and he has been extremely successful with hedge funds. It is estimated that his net worth over $6.6 billion. In 2014, he held the 89th place in the Forbes 400 list, which is the richest 400 people in America. And of course, he has moved from the beach and now he lives in Chicago.

Ken Griffin’s Early Life

Ken Griffin is only 46 years old, but he has accomplished immense amounts in the 24 years following his graduation from Harvard University. The story goes that his career started with a $1 million donation from Frank C. Meyer, who is the founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. Mr. Meyer took a risk and invested in young Ken Griffith, and Griffin did not drop the ball. The million dollars from Meyer returned 70 percent. Mr. Griffith used this success as his start and has never looked back.

Not Your Typical Investor

All the signs point to Ken Griffith as the extremely successful founder and CEO of Citadel LLC. Today, he has an annual salary of $1.3 billion, and a reputation for securing Citadel’s group of hedge funds, which are among the largest and most successful funds in the world. The difference in the way Mr. Griffith runs his business, some would say was frivolous, but Mr. Griffith stands on his decisions.

At the beginning of 2015, Mr. Griffith donated $150 million to his alma mater, Harvard University, and he asked that the funds be used for student’s remaining financial aid. He cared about the burden that was on the student’s shoulders, and he wanted to relieve some of that debt. This was the largest gift ever given to an educational institution in the history of the university.

Last year, in 2014, Mr. Griffith broke more records by writing a $2.5 million check to help Republican Rauner beat Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn in the following November election. Griffith donated a total of $3.57 million to another campaign in 2014. He operates from a position of giving, which is uncommon in the world today.

In the past 24 years, Mr. Griffith has become one of the wealthiest men in America and in Chicago, surpassing Oprah who has a net worth of $3 billion. He gives donations to worthwhile causes that he believes in, and with the skill and financial experience that he uses to manage the Citadel, he continues to give millions to worthy causes.

Other Investments

Mr. Griffith is a supporter of charter schools, the Republican party, and he has donated to many republican politicians to get them in office. Mr. Griffith has also donated to Mitt Romney and Chris Christie in previous elections.

Skout Introduces the Travel Feature to its Users

As time goes by, more and more mobile apps are being introduced in the market. It is easier for people to connect, without having to sit in front of a computer. For people who are travelling, there are various apps that are available for them. With a travel app, a traveller is able to connect with other travellers who are in the road as well. Just recently, a new mobile application is helping travellers enjoy their vacations even more. This app is known as scout.

The app was actually originally developed to serve as an important tool for the individuals who wanted to enlarge their social circles in a great way. However, with time, the company has decided to add more features to make the app better to the users.

The travel feature was actually introduced to the users last year. Just a year after introduction to the market, the travel feature is getting more popular with travellers. Actually, over 10 million members are already using it when they are embarking on their journeys. The travel feature enables them to make very interesting virtual journeys with the help of the locals in the region they are interested in.

According to the spokeswoman of the company, many of the virtual travelers, who are mostly young men and women, and young adults who are still in college, have actually turned those virtual trips in to real vacations. Sometimes, they even get the chance to travel with the new friends they have found and formed relationship with through the app.

When the company was developing and introducing the unique travel feature to their users, they expected it to be used in two ways. The first thing they wanted to achieve is to help the users meet new friends in various cities. They also wanted to help the users who were travelling but had no contacts in the destinations they were going to. Many people actually describe the app as the modern times pen pal systems, because it actually serves as one.

Currently, since the introduction of the two these two objectives, the company has had slot of success. Although Skout was not primarily a travel app, it has managed to spread so fast to the users, and it is very popular with young people who are interested in experiencing the world through travelling while meeting new people at the same time.

Christian Wiklund,is the chief executive of the company, and he has acknowledged the importance of the app, as it has grown with time. Under his leadership the company has managed to achieve so much in a short time.
For those who are not familiar with the app, it is actually compatible with almost all iOS devices. The app is believed to come in several languages which are available for different people. This means that it can be used in different countries. For anyone who is interested in the app, they can easily download it from Google Play or even the App Store.

Susan McGalla: Inspirational Businesswomen

The business world is mostly dominated by males. The amount of women in business and leadership isn’t nearly as high as you would expect in 2015. It is a wonderful sight to see a hardworking woman rise to the highest ranks in the business world. Susan McGalla is truly an inspiration to women everywhere. She has inspired women young and old to go after their dreams. With her positive attitude and impeccable work ethic, she has concurred some of the most well-known companies in America. We’ll go over McGalla’s back story as well as her many professional accomplishments.

Susan McGalla was born and raised in Ohio. Her family was well known in the community due to her father being the local football coach. After high school McGalla knew she wanted to pursue a career in business. The best way to accomplish such a goal is to obtain a respectable degree from a reputable college. McGalla worked hard and received her Bachelor’s Degree from Mount Union College. Her degree was in business and marketing. McGalla picked the perfect degree to pursue because her career growth all specialized in business and marketing.

Susan McGalla started her career in 1986 working for Joseph Horne Company. While working for Joseph Horne Company she worked a variety of marketing roles. McGalla proved she could be flexible and learn new skills while working different roles. After much success in marketing and managing positions, McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters in 1994. This was one of the biggest moves of her career and really put her on the road to success.

McGalla started her career with American Eagle as a women’s clothing merchandise buyer. Due to her knowledge and versatility, McGalla worked a variety of managerial roles with American Eagle as well. Thanks to hard work and persistence, Susan McGalla became the Chief Merchandising Officer also known as CMO for American Eagle. In this roll she had to oversee more of the companies merchandise launches and helped develop new brands within the company. American Eagle was a giant stepping stone for McGalla to pursue higher manager roles.

After leaving American Eagle, McGalla found herself in another high profile position. This time she was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal. McGalla’s position within Wet Seal was geared towards higher executive consulting and planning for the company. After much success at American Eagle and Wet Seal she wanted to go on and advance her career further. McGalla parted ways with Wet Seal and is now currently Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla is not only an accomplished business woman but also a leader. She has used her wonderful attitude and hardworking personality to make a successful name for herself in a male dominated business. McGalla’s future is bright, she has risen to the height in of every professional position she has been in. Susan McGalla shows women everywhere if you’re passionate about your dreams you can accomplish them.

Bruce Levenson Is Looking To Sell Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson is an entreprenuer an ex co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team. Levenson was always viewed as one of the more colorful personalities in sport. Levenson and his business partner Ed Peskowitz entered an agreement in 2004 to purchase the Hawks along with Phillips Arena. The deal made the duo majority owners. The Hawks saw a great deal of success during Levenson’s tenure. Danny Ferry was hired on as general manager in 2012.

Levenson is of Jewish descent. He was born in Chevy Chase, Maryland and around the Washington D.C. area. He attended Washington University and American University Law School. Levenson’s first business venture was acquiring a telecommunications company with his Peskowitz. Over the years, the company, United Communications Group, turned into multi-million dollar corporation. After his co-ownership with the Hawks, he was voted as governor of the NBA Board of Governors. Through Levenson’s leadership, the NBA saw much needed changes.

Levenson sits on a number of boards including the Tech Target and BGI Digital Partners. He also serves on many Atlanta-area committees. Levenson is a generous philanthropist and often gives to many local and national organizations. Some of his benefactors include Community Foundation of D.C., Hoop Dreams Foundation and many other foundations to help the needed and underpriviledge.

Because of his deep family roots, Levenson is also a major donor to many Jewish Museums and U.S. Holocaust Museum. He funds an organization that teaches inner city children about the history of the Holocaust and trains them as tour guides. Levenson’s mother-in-law, who was a Holocaust survivor, often lectures about he experiences. She also spoke to the Hawks team about her journey before they toured the museum.

Last year, Levenson sold his controlling interest in the Hawks. He still owns a number of companies and is working on new ventures all the time. The league is still sorting through potential owners. A number of businessmen have thrown their hat into the ring including billionaire businessman Tony Ressler, whose group includes Jessie Itzler, former NBA player Grant Hill and Spanx founder Sara Blakely.

Levensen is looking to sell the team by the end of they year. Although an agreement seems to be in the works, mum is the word on who the buyers will be. Levensen is not talking. Instead, he prefers to concentrate on more pressing issues. Right now, his priority is his family — wife Sarah and his three teen children.